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St. John’s College, established in 1912, is the oldest residential hall/college in the University of Hong Kong. Over its 107 years of history, St. John’s has nurtured generations of leaders from all walks of life. Based on its spirit of striving for the best, St. Johnians learn, grow and excel through the communal life in the College.


Located in its own campus, which is opposite to the University’s Sport Centre and 10-min walk to the Main Campus, St. John’s provides unparalleled facilities (e.g. single rooms for all students, dining hall, library , music room, billiard room, common room and ample outdoor spaces etc.) to its members.


The College has evolved into a fully integrated multi-cultural community in the University while maintaining its proud traditions and unique cultures. Currently, 50% of its members are non-local students. All St. Johnians, local and non-local enjoy the same privileges and share the same campus life. For more information, please visit our facebook page at St. John's College, HKU and our website at