Admission Policy

Admission Policy

St. John's College is a non-university-administrated hall of residence, thereby it has an independent admission policy. All applicants are required to fill up the College's application form through its online platform. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview. Selection criteria are merit-based. Applicants will be considered whether they share St. John's belief and values.

St. John's is a highly diversified yet close-knit community. We welcome students from all different ethnic, social, religious and economic backgrounds. There is no specific quota for any specific sub-group.

Admission Process

All applicants are required to submit the application form through our online platform. If you have submitted your application through HKU Cedars platform, you are still required to follow our application process.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview. If the candidate is not available for an in-person interview, the interview will be conducted through video-conferencing facility such as Skype.

Our admission is on a rolling basis. Admission decision is made after the candidate has attended the interview. Applicants are encouraged to submitted their applications earlier as there is stiff competition for our residential membership.

Our admission process is independent from the other residential halls and colleges; therefore, applying to St. John's College will not affect the applicant's application to any other residential halls and colleges in the University.

New HKU students (Full degree & Exchange)

All prospective students are welcome to submit their applications even before they have received any conditional or confirmed offer from HKU.

Current and Returning HKU students

The application is open to all current and returning HKU students, who are not our residential members for this academic year (2018-19).

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview after their applications are received. Admission result will be announced shortly after the interview  and before Cedars Round 1 application deadline, so that unsuccessful applicants can still apply to the other halls and colleges.