Frequently Asked Questions

Admission and Interview

1. When should I start applying?

Our admission is on a rolling basis, means you can apply anytime during the year. The earlier you apply the better the chances.

2. Am I eligible for your College?

As long as you hold a conditional offer from the HKU, you are eligible to apply to our College.

3. How long will I know if I am shortlisted for interview?

You will be notified within 2 to 3 weeks.

4. How will the interview be conducted if I am not in Hong Kong?

We will conduct the interview via Skype.

College Fees

1. What is the room rate?

The current daily room rate is HK$66.- The rate quoted is subject to College's annual financial review.

2. What is a compulsory meal plan?

All of our undergraduate residents will have to commit to a compulsory meal plan, which consists of 4 breakfasts and 6 meals per week. Meals can be consumed for lunch or dinner.